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If you are interested in volunteering, click here to contact the Leadership Team.

The PrimeTime Communications Team manages all communications activities for PrimeTime, which includes overseeing the communication channels to add value to members such as the PrimeTime website and social media pages.

Please see below for our current team members and available positions.

Graphic Designer Anubhooti Asthana

Industrial Designer, Experience Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Artist, Educator Globe Trotter and Mother.

Marrying aesthetics with function and creating something that is better or something that is challenging drives her to keep exploring different materials and mediums. She loves working with her hands and enjoys carpentry, cooking, crafting and photography.

Research on the effect of art on the human brain excites her as it proves what she has believed all along, that art has the power to access some of the most advanced processes of the human intuitive analysis and expression.

In her view beauty has the ability to uplift the quality of our life and hence is worth pursuing.

Writer Alexandra Touchaud

Alexandra has 15 years of experience in international marketing, communications and advocacy, having lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Chile and Panama - before moving to Singapore in 2013. She has senior level experience across private-sector communication agencies and international organizations (including as a Communication Advisor at WHO Geneva). However, her passion for words, and paintbrushes, is leading her down quite a different path now. She has set off on a crazy, creative journey – as an aspiring artist (check out her blog and writer (first novel is underway). Alexandra firmly believes that the best is yet to come ! 


Photographer Helga Herrera

Helga Herrera is a PORTRAIT photographer, specialized in women photography. She loves the smiles of women when they look at their photos and feel confident and happy about how they look. Her work includes Corporate and Glamour shots, but also women surrounded by friends and family. Her main purpose is not to take a simple snapshot, but to capture the emotion and intensity of a moment. When moving to Singapore, 5+ years ago, she founded Grafika Photography and Design, being one of the main photographers at the company today. Helga also enjoys teaching and leads workshops at different levels, including group courses and private tutoring.
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Web designer – We are looking for a web designer to assist in setting up templates and manage design project for our website. Experience in HTML and desktop publishing software and your own PC is required. Volunteer time: Approximately four hours per month and working closely with our graphic designer and other members of the team.

Roaming photographers - We are looking for more photographers to join the team. Roaming photographers are needed for the 2nd Thursday meetings and other PrimeTime meetings. Your own digital camera and ease with taking indoor shots is required for this volunteer position. The photos will be used for the PrimeTime website and newsletter.  Volunteer Time: You can volunteer on an ad hoc basis.


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