2017 - 2018 PrimeTime Executive Board
We are calling for Nominations for the next Board (to be elected at the AGM 2018)
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Lavinia Thanapathy
  Engagement Director
Magdalena Poulin
Outreach Director
Mrinalini Venkatachalam
Events Director
Aurélie Saada
Vice President
Jenny Wiegleb
Liona Potrikus
Programmes Director
Katia Melazzi
Marketing Director
Neetha Sanjay
Bharti Chhonker
Assistant Secretary
Clare Holmes
Special Interest Group Director
Nithia Devan
Membership Director
Kavya Kanchana

To find out more about individual Board Members, go to About the Board

2017 - 2018 PrimeTime Board Deputies

Special Interest Group Deputy
Easter Weiss
  Membership Deputy
Justine Pierce
Graphic Design Deputy
Nidhi Todi
New Website Design 
Marcella Monti
Web Development Deputy
Nidhi Todi
Web Development Deputy 
Laura Binns
Communications Deputy
Shivanee Brigham
Digital Marketing Deputy
Terra Higginson
Media Relations Deputy
Chamendri Weeraratne
Media Relations Deputy
Anita Chapelhuchnik
Media Relations Deputy
Supreetha Skandamoorthy
Social Media Lead 
Jules Chan
Programmes Deputy
Ling Chong
Events Deputy Director
Ridhima Jain
Venues Consultant
Cécile Spirit
Roaming Photographer
Sheila Berman
Marketing Deputy
Sheila Berman
 Media Relations Lead
Tjut Rostina

To find out more about individual Board Deputies, go to About the Board Deputies.

To find out more about the opportunity to serve on the PrimeTime Board or as a Deputy, please go to Volunteer

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