Since 1997, PrimeTime has been a member of the Singapore Council of Women's Organizations ( SCWO ), an umbrella organization for 51 women's groups in Singapore . The SCWO affiliate members include business and professional, social, advocacy, service, and community groups and together, represent over 150,000 women in Singapore .

SCWO was founded by women and seeks to unite the various women's organisations, clubs, committees, groups and women leaders together, working in accordance with its various aims and objectives. The organisation also seeks to co-ordinate these associations into a national movement and to act on their behalf in matters for which it is authorised by its members.

PrimeTime's membership with
SCWO offers many benefits to our members including access to SCWO and SCWO -affiliate events and many services including meeting room rentals at the SCWO Centre. For more information on PrimeTime's involvment with SCWO , contact 1st Vice President.

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