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Welcome to PrimeTime!

PrimeTime is a Singapore-based International professional women’s association that aims to empower women to achieve their highest potential through learning, leadership, and networking opportunities.

For 20 years, PrimeTime has been offering a variety of activities that include speakers, discussion groups, professional networking opportunities, social gatherings, and community outreach opportunities. We have an average of 350 members from over 30 countries. We take great pride in the diversity of our members by their nationality and cultural background, professional experience, personal interests, and ages. 

Fast Facts

Age:                                   Family:  
Under 30 = 4%                   65% Married
30-39 = 49%                      35% Unmarried
40-49 = 35%

50+ = 12%                  

One-third of the members have children

Our Story 

Energised by the diversity within a rapidly-changing Singapore, PrimeTime began in the early 1990s as an informal meet-up, hosted by founder Juanita Woodward to bring together like-minded professional women who wanted to be more than just a ‘trailing spouse.’

With kids, family and work, time was precious and it was soon recognised that women have to make time for themselves in order to develop interests, learn and grow. Hence PrimeTime,a group that met between 7-10pm (the usual time slot for “Prime Time Television”), was established as the time when women come together to connect, collaborate and contribute.

Juanita Woodward, PrimeTime Founder

Keen to build an international community of like-minded women, Juanita and the fast-growing group put their creative heads together organising actvities and events, bringing women from across sectors with diverse expertise and interests together. So from an informal group that met in homes, PrimeTime was formally registered as a society in 1997.

By 2001, this small group had established itself as Singapore’s leading International Women’s community with around 200 members. PrimeTime events drew high profile women speakersOutreach projects included PrimeTime members providing pro-bono expertise on women’s social enterprise initiatives as AIDHA , Day Spring and fund raising support for Mother & Child and  the Village Bank micro-finance projects in Thailand, India and Indonesia in partnership with the TIAW –The International Alliance of Women.

PrimeTime continued to grow throughout the decade, attracting like-minded women from different backgrounds and professions to the 2nd Thursday Events, Special Interest Groups (SIG), and Community Outreach events, which encouraged members to explore and broaden their social, personal and professional horizons.

Volunteer-led Community

PrimeTime is registered as a non-profit society with the Registry for Societies in Singapore. Volunteers take on roles on the PrimeTime board to apply their corporate governance and leadership skills at the highest levels. We also offer our members many practical opportunities to spread their leadership wings and develop their technical skillset.

Most of our 40+ events a year are about the personal and professional development of our 300+ members hailing from 40 countries. Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) also work to apply this development programme appropriately to specific contexts, challenges and professions.

We also run two vital initiatives for our members:

  • A peer mentorship programme that empowers women to provide practical support to each other during their leadership journey
  • KeyNote – Asia’s Women Speakers, a leading directory that enriches the public conversation on vital issues by improving access to diverse speakers.

The PrimeTime membership year runs for 12 months from the date you join. Our events are held in central locations like hotels, clubs and restaurants. We charge for our events only to break even on the catering and venue costs. Membership fees go towards the fixed costs of the organisation like our auditors fees and to maintaining our website.

We also value the contribution of men in creating an equal future so we open two main events to male participation every year. These are our International Women’s Day event in March and our Diversity Dialogue in November. Many of our social activities are also open to men.

We hold our Annual General Meeting in April every year. The PrimeTime board term runs for 2 years. Nominations are open to all members for all positions on the board 3 months before a voting AGM. Candidates are vetted and selected by an independent Nominations Committee.

PrimeTime is also a member of SCWO, the Singapore Council of Women’s Associations, which is the National Coordinating body of women’s organisations in Singapore.

All women over the age of 21 are eligible to join. You don’t have to already be in a leadership role or to currently have paid job, we will help you get there and then to excel when you do.We hope you enjoy discovering our events and people on this site. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events very soon. You are welcome to come as a guest before signing up for Membership.


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