Ayse Korkmaz

Partnerships Director

Ayşe is a senior Diplomat with 12 years of international experience in public relations, strategic planning, consular and cultural affairs. 

As a dynamic, results-driven and passionate person, Ayşe is adept at public relations, networking in a multi-stakeholder environment through engaging communities, governments, the non-profit and corporate sectors.

Born and raised in Turkey, Ayşe volunteered in AIESEC, Greenpeace and JCI during her college years, where she had the chance to actively contribute to the society, raise awareness about environmental issues as well as connect with different cultures and broaden her horizons. 

Ayşe holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and developed a special interest in history and Middle Eastern politics. 

She is a certified scuba diver, loves Latin dances, Marvel movies and exploring the world.

She strongly believes that empowering women to reach their full potential is not only essential for the development of societies but also a shared responsibility of everyone. Ayşe is convinced that PrimeTime stands out as an important platform to facilitate its volunteers to fulfil that mission.