Executive Board Positions and Key Leadership Roles - Prime Time

Executive Board Positions and Key Leadership Roles

Executive Board Positions

Job descriptions are available below for reference:

Vice President
Programmes Director
Marketing Director
Membership Director
Partnerships Director


The Board is required to have 4 Board meetings per year. The Board members will determine the frequency and dates of the Board meetings. There are generally monthly meetings held for a total of 10-12 meetings on an annual basis.


Non-Board Key Leadership Roles

Outreach Lead
Special Interest Group Lead
2nd Thursday Programme Lead
Deputy Secretary
Deputy Treasurer
Deputy Membership
Deputy Marketing
Deputy Partnership
Strategy Lead
Communications & Branding Lead
KeyNote Programme

PrimeTime is seeking members who are passionate about PrimeTime and have the business skills, acumen and leadership ability to strategically and operationally direct the association.

Many Board members have found that serving on the PrimeTime Board has enhanced their own professional development by offering an opportunity to participate in leadership activities that are different from those in their professional careers. Board members have also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with professional women in other industries and fields of work.

We recommend that you read the Board FAQ, and speak to current Board members for further details.

Serving on the PrimeTime Board can be a rewarding experience.
PrimeTime has a very positive reputation in the Singapore business community, having served around 5,000 members and their guests since 1997. As a PrimeTime Board member you will have the opportunity to bring your talents to the organization and ensure that PrimeTime remains a dynamic organization, delivering activities that are relevant to the membership.

For more information:  Contact secretary@primetime.org.sg

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Call for Nominations

The call for Nominations for the Executive Board 2020/2022 and Key Leadership Non-Board Roles is now open. Submissions are due on Friday 13 March 2020.
Click HERE to download the Nominations Form.