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KeyNote Women Speakers is a directory of female public speakers


An online database of talented women who are subject matter experts in their field of choice and are available for public speaking on the subject. This program is for existing successful speakers or members who want to become a successful speaker.

This program is managed by two amazing co-chairs, Mette Johansson and Kaumudi Goda.





Bringing women speakers to stages around Asia and the world

At KeyNote, our aim is simple: just like you, we want to bring more diversity to stages around the world. We focus on diversity for the simple reason that it increases group intelligence. Unfortunately, a podium without a single woman speaker is much too common – and we are going to change that!


Looking for top female speakers?

Bring more diversity to your next event!

Find talented women speakers who are passionate subject-matter experts, covering topics from leadership to sexual health – right here, on KeyNote.

We’ve handpicked top speakers as founding members, and we are grooming dozens more to enter your favourite directory in 2018!


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