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Volunteers and Leadership

PrimeTime is a volunteer- run organization.
We value the contribution of time and expertise of all our members and leaders.

When you contribute your time and expertise and at the same time expand your network, connect with various thought-leaders and improve leadership skills like public speaking, event management, communications, marketing etc, both you and PrimeTime benefit from it.

We have several leadership teams to strongly support the Board Directors to manage the various events and initiatives throughout the year. If you are interested in exploring any leadership opportunity please contact volunteer@primetime.org.sg.



We are looking for our next Membership Director!

Could this be you?

You are:

Passionate about PrimeTime and it’s vibrant member community
Excited to meet and engage with members, prospective members and support new members to get the most out of PrimeTime
Comfortable with Dropbox, Microsoft Office suite, and willing to learn about basic website back-end processes
Strategic, analytical and excited to collaborate with the board on PrimeTime’s strategy and future
Moved to contribute your time as a NPO board member
Keen on leading the membership team
Happy to lead volunteer recruitment for PrimeTime
Able to organize 2 members’ socials (during non-Covid times) per year
Have 20-25 hours/month of your time to give

If this is you, don’t hesitate to complete the Board Application Form and reach out to Katharina today! secretary@PrimeTime.org.sg




Current vacancies

– Leadership teams:

  • Operations & Website volunteers
  • Events Team volunteers (registration, logistics, engagement)
  • Membership Team volunteers (engagement, member social, survey)
  • Marketing Team volunteers (social media, mailers, communications)
  • Partnership Team volunteers (corporate engagement, engagement with other D&I groups in Singapore)

For all the above positions, please share with us your interest at volunteer@primetime.org.sg


–  Special Interest Groups:

We are always looking for volunteers and co-chairs for our Special Interest Groups and Events. Come and join an exciting team !

The below are the Interest Groups for which we are actively looking for co-chairs

  • Personal Power Lunch
  • Mindfulness and Well-being
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Events

For all the above positions, please share with us your interest at volunteer@primetime.org.sg and sig@primetime.org.sg


Without our volunteers we won’t be able to create all these amazing programs and events. We would like to thank here all our volunteering Special Interest Group Leaders and Board Deputies  for their hard work, effort and input!


 Please contact volunteer@primetime.org.sg to learn more about the opportunities