Leadership Opportunities - Prime Time

Leadership Opportunities

Volunteering and Leadership

PrimeTime is a volunteer- run organization.
We value the contribution of time and expertise of all our leaders.

When you contribute your time and expertise and at the same time expand your network, connect with various thought-leaders and improve leadership skills like public speaking, event management, communications, marketing etc, both you and PrimeTime benefit from it.

We have several leadership teams to strongly support the Board Directors to manage the various events and initiatives throughout the year. If you are interested in exploring any leadership opportunity please contact volunteer@primetime.org.sg.



– Leadership teams:

  • Membership Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Programs Team, Events Team
  • Corporate Engagement Team
  • Special Programmes group Deputy
  • Operations Deputy
  • Assistant Treasurer

-Special Programme Groups:

  • Personal Power Lunch
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Arts & Culture
  • Book Review


We would like to thank all our volunteering Leaders for their hard work, effort and input.

 Name  Leadership role
 Elena Piana Alvarez  Law Group
 Aisha Winter  Law Group
 Erika Behl  Mothers Connect Group
 Dhwani Rana  Mothers Connect Group
 Nadine Nached  Mothers Connect Group
 Angela Low  Wine & DineTime
 Charlotte Borjesson  Wine & DineTime
 Shivanee Brigham  Entrepreneurs/Marketing Group
 Iryna Fishchenko  Finance Group
 Jana Rackova  Finance Group
 Camilla Tan  Careers Group
 Berlinda Gooi  Careers Group
 Laura Ford  Careers Group
 Rachelle Brace  Careers Group
 Juliette Ledoux  Book Club
 Jennifer Bakody  Book Club
 Arundathi Raghavan  HR Group
 Malgorzata Grabarczyk  HR Group
 Mette Johansson  Keynote
 Kavya Kanchana  Keynote
 Sheila Berman  Keynote
 Magdalena Poulin  Mentoring
 Helga Herrera  Photographer
 Tatyana Kildisheva  Photographer
 Sheila Berman  Photographer
 Stephanie Naudo  Marketing  Deputy
 Chamendri Weeraratne  Volunteer Recruitment




 Please contact volunteer@primetime.org.sg to learn more about the opportunities