Leadership - Prime Time



As a non profit organisation, PrimeTime relies on its volunteers.
All Leaders are volunteers and share their knowledge, skills and time to make PrimeTime a success.
It is exactly this that makes the Association strong.

The structure is as following:

  • The executive board is responsible for the strategy, compliance, governance and financial stability of PrimeTime
  • The deputies to the board aspire to become a Board Director , they serve as a back up and are part of the Board’s succesion planning and risk management
  • The support team of the board help in many different areas such as marketing, volunteer management, events etc.
  • The special programme leaders (also known as co-chairs) and their team members organise, market and execute the events. (e.g. Keynote, Mentoring, HR Group etc).


Explore Leadership Opportunities @ PrimeTime

PrimeTime offers many opportunities to get involved with the organisation:


Become a Member – Enjoy the various benefits by signing up as a member. Join us today!

Volunteer : also if you can contribute only limited time as a volunteer, please contact membership at membership@primetime.org.sg

Program Team Member: Join our various initiatives like 2 Way Mentoring, Key Note, Outreach and contribute your time and expertise. Contact us at membership@primetime.org.sg to know more.

Special Programmes Leader: We have around 14 Special Interest Groups and new ones in the pipeline. We are always on the lookout for Co-chairs to lead our groups. Contact us at spg@primetime.org.sg

Deputy: Deputy to a Board Member. Contact us at secretary@primetime.org.sg to know more. For supporting the Board, we are lookg for 2 finance analysts, website coders and programmers (Deputy to the Operations Director), Outreach Director Deputy, Special Programmes Director Deputy, Volunteer Coordinator (Deputy to the Membership Director)

Board Director : There are 12 Board directors on the executive board of PrimeTime. Each Director is responsible for a function/role. Explore your leadership skills by serving as a board director. Contact us at secretary@primetime.org.sg to know more.

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