What our members and partners say about PrimeTime

“If you are looking for a safe place where female wisdom is around every corners, don’t look further, PrimeTime’s community will become in no-time a close and high-spirited council of girlfriends. Uplifting and inclusive organisation which is a true treasure in Singapore.” – Florence, 30 Dec 2020

“I have been a member since 2015 and love being part of the community. Over the years I have learnt so much from the Association, either through volunteering or the talks I attended.

I would recommend anyone willing to further themselves professionally and mentally to join. Building your network with women who are not afraid of challenges is an uplifting experience!” – Liona, 23 Nov 2020

“Life redirected me to PrimeTime where I’ve met amazing ladies dedicated to the Association’s mission to network and stay connected, organize activities that include workshops, webinars, professional and social gatherings, and all of them having the courage and power to develop new programs and initiatives offering our members mentoring skills, coaching and career guidance.

Following my passion, I took the responsibility to re-launch the Law SIG and to contribute with creativity, new legal projects and ideas, promote law professionals who guide our members through legal matters, give them the capabilities to gain relevant knowledge in order to exercise their legal rights and act in accordance with the Singaporean law.

Every single step of my transformative journey gives me the opportunity to grow and learn the art of diplomacy, to respect and understand different perspectives, to overcome challenges and achieve balance, to observe, research and find the best solution for any situation.

Here I found the inspiration and freedom to create a legal project that raises awareness of Singapore law and promote the legal profession and law professionals.
Here I have the opportunity to contribute with intention, not for attention. And, yes, together we can achieve more!” – Hristina, 2 Dec 2020

“I attended a talk and it was exactly what I was looking for. I am in the process now of becoming a member!” – Anonymous, 23 Nov 20