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2018 – 2020 PrimeTime Executive Board



President Aurélie Saada
Vice President Katia Melazzi
Treasurer Liisa Taipale
Secretary Clare Holmes
Outreach Director Rahma Assante
Marketing Director Sarah Lewis
Membership Director Justine Pierce
Events Director Sunita Riar
Programmes Director Ling Chong
Special Programmes Director Miqi Zhu
Partnerships Director Denise Jaschke
Operations Director Liona Potrikus

Board Profiles



Aurélie Saada

Aurelie has about 12 years of international experience in risk management and consulting, both in banking and insurance business. She has experience in risk matters covering various areas, as well as knowledge in product development, conduct risk, compliance and regulatory matters. Born in France, she discovered Singapore through an exchange program in 2004 and fell in love with this country, its culture and the food since then. She definitively moved to Singapore in 2010 with her family: she’s currently working at Credit Suisse as VP in the APAC Risk Team, covering the risks for regional new businesses. She holds a Master in Management in Audit and Consulting from a French international business school as well as a few local certifications from the Singapore College of Insurance.

Aurelie truly believes in developing diversity at work and increasing ethics in our day to day. She’s currently part of a corporate group raising inclusion and awareness on disabled persons in the working environment. Through her previous job positions, she was also part of associations promoting women empowerment in the banking industry.

Aurelie is involved in the local community by being a member of Riding with Disabled Association since 2010, where she helps disabled persons to overcome their handicaps through horse-riding lessons. This was the perfect combination to merge her passion for horse riding with her will to help others reaching different goals.

View Aurelie’s LinkedIn profile here

Vice President

Katia Melazzi

Katia is a marketing and strategy professional with extensive experience in a variety of international roles in FMCG and not-for-profit companies. Her track record includes driving business growth in multiple geographies, and the effective repositioning of leading coffee and cosmetic brands while holding P&L responsibility.She is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and leadership. Katia is currently serving as President for Tabitha Foundation Singapore – a not-for-profit organisation focusing on lifting underprivileged Cambodian families out of poverty through several programmes. She is also President for Nokor Tep Society Singapore – a company supporting the completion of the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital in Phnom Penh.
In her most recent assignment with Mondelez International, she was given the responsibility to lead a multi-functional and multi-country Venture Team to deliver a European Snacking Strategy for the company.She holds a Master in Marketing & Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics from Bocconi University (Italy). A Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, she is completing a Professional Certified Coach Program with the International Coach Academy (ICA) to support people find ways to do their best and grow from their experiences.Her 15 years working and living overseas (France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom and now Singapore) has given her an invaluable perspective on cultural and gender diversity.View Katia’s LinkedIn profile here


Clare Holmes

Clare is an Administration Manager from the UK. She grew up in South Wales and has over 13 years experience working for MNCs in the UK and Middle East, with extensive corporate board level experience in HNW client and stakeholder environments.

Clare enjoys travelling, exploring new places and visiting historical sites, museums and cathedrals.


Liisa Taipale

Liisa is an international leader, with over 20 years of experience in leading strategic transformations of the finance functions for leading multinational companies. She has worked extensively across Europe, the United States, and has over 10 years of experience in Singapore/Asia Pacific.

Liisa came first time to Singapore in 1997 from her native country of Finland. She was responsible for Nokia’s finance function transformation in APAC region and did subsequently hold several global leadership positions at Nokia Shared Accounting Services organisation. In 2007 Liisa moved to Germany to lead the finance function integration of Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture. After her return to Singapore in 2009 she has continued supporting MNCs in an entrepreneurial capacity by bringing change and value to clients on a consulting and project basis. Her passion is leadership during transformation.

Liisa strives to maintain healthy body and mind by enjoying physical activities, by exploring new places and by taking advantage of Singapore’s abundant cultural offerings.

View Lisa’s LinkedIn profile here

Operations Director 

Liona Potrikus

Liona was born in the Netherlands. She is a mix of German, Dutch and Indonesian. She knew at an early age that she wanted to discover the world, travel and work abroad. And so she did, during her studies of International Business and Languages she did her internship in Spain and, not long after completing her studies, she worked in the world of tourism in Egypt, Italy, Croatia and Sri Lanka.

Together with her Sri Lankan husband, she has been living to Singapore since 2007.  She worked in the relocation industry for 8 years. In 2015 she changed her career path and started the office in Singapore for a Dutch dairy trading company where she is responsible for developing the business. She has held positions in business development, public relations, account management and department management.

She has been on the PrimeTime Board since 2016 and her wish is that all women in Singapore would become part of the PrimeTime community. The community (for women and run by women) truly inspires her to be the best she can be, and the community shows her everyday again how important the role of a woman is in business, in the family, in society.
View Liona’s LinkedIn profile here

Marketing Director

Sarah Lewis

Sarah runs her own business working with high-profile talent at professional services companies, brands you’ve heard of and brands you will hear of soon, to create delightful and productive digital experiences for their clients. She has always enjoyed exploring the impact of technology on work and society, specifically the digital disruption of marketing, legal services, and social justice efforts in spaces like gender equality and anti-corruption.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in marketing, comms, brand building, business development, and events, using both digital and non-digital channels and tools. She specialises in digital marketing and pioneered this function in Asia Pacific for the world’s largest law firm, Baker Mckenzie; contributing significantly to its position as the world’s most-followed law firm. This has given her valuable experience in driving organisational change. She started her career at Euromoney Institutional Investor creating events and managing relationships with high-profile speakers.

View Sarah’s LinkedIn profile here

Membership Director 

Justine Pierce

Justine is a US-trained attorney working as global in-house counsel at Fullerton Health. Before that, Justine advised startups in Singapore with Upstart Alliance, specializing in commercial contracts.  In the US,  Justine worked in the public sector as an Assistant Attorney General in Colorado. Between university and law school, Justine gained 9 years’ experience in university administration and academic publishing.

A common thread weaving through all of Justine’s professional experiences is language. An English major at university, and a voracious reader from age 4, being a lawyer enables Justine to deal with language as her chosen profession every day, and she absolutely adores it. When not geeking out on comma placement, Justine is glad to be past her  two-year anniversary of relocating to Singapore and looking forward to getting even more stamps in her passport this year.

View Justine’s LinkedIn profile here

Programmes Director 

Ling Chong

Ling comes with an international Business and HR career that spans more than 15 years. She is the Regional Head of Talent Management and Learning Development of a Swiss Logistics MNC, where she leads People Strategy particularly the full suite of Talent Management, Pipelines Building, Leadership Development and Succession Planning. She is also the champion for Core Capability Building which includes Performance Management and Learning & Development.

Having traveled, worked, and lived across 13 countries (31 cities) in Asia Pacific over the last decade, Ling keeps abreast of the macroeconomic and societal factors that affect and shape organization now and in the near-future. She is organizational savvy, appreciates the impact of people, culture, leadership and change dynamics that enable or derail business successes. Ling is sensitive to the cultural nuances in communication strategy and implementation plans; which explains her successful “localization” of global initiatives and effective facilitation of organizational change.

She holds two Masters Degrees; Strategic HR Management (Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia) and Education (Andragogy) (James Cook University, Australia), respectively. Ling is also trained in Organisational Psychology with a post-Graduate Diploma; certified as a Career Coach and certified to use Assessment Centers such as Saville Wave®, DISC and MBTI.
Born and grew up in Singapore, Ling is a native Singaporean Hakka. She is deeply influence by traditional Hakka values and practices (she still double boils soup on charcoal for her family). Ling enjoys holidays with family, chit-chatting with friends and writes diary in her personal space.

View Ling’s LinkedIn profile here

Special Programmes Director

Miqi Zhu

Miqi has started her career as Human Resources professional 4 years ago with AIG. She is currently working in APAC Talent Management team, overseeing performance management and talent development programs across the region.

Miqi has a variety of culture experience in the past few years, working in Singapore, Japan, and, most recently, in Hong Kong. Despite the changes in roles and locations, Miqi is constantly involved in Diversity & Inclusion work, playing key roles in driving Employee Resources Group (ERG) and culture transformation within the organization. In the past 2 years, she has driven efforts to launch the new LGBT & Allies ERG in HK and Young Professionals ERG in Singapore serving as committee chair.

Born in China, Miqi was offered scholarship to study in National University of Singapore after high school and has obtained a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Statistics, double major in Economics. Miqi is a strong believer in equality and diversity and hope to contribute to women empowerment further in PrimeTime.

View Miqi’s LinkedIn profile here 

Events Director

Sunita Riar

Sunita is a half-Spanish half-Punjabi Singaporean, born in Malaysia, though studied in Singapore,  Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and England till her university years. This has made her a dynamic person full of love of different cultures and backgrounds from a very young age.

She has worked in the aviation, IT, media communications, education and Insurance industries in Europe and Asia. She absolutely loves capturing moments and events and is often seen taking photos and videos to share with everyone around her the beauty of loving each day as if it is your last as she believes living each moment with no regrets.

View Sunita’s LinkedIn profile here

Outreach Director

Rahma Assante

Rahma has 14 years experience in Sales & Marketing, Retail, Branding and Market Research. She started her career in the IT and Telecom industry and moved to the FMCG sector. She is currently running her own business offering corporate training solutions.

With a Moroccan and French bi-cultural background, Rahma was confronted early to the reality of gender gap and inequality of opportunities. Living in Singapore for over a decade, she has been a constant advocate of women leadership in the workplace.

Outside of the corporate world, she is involved in initiatives in Singapore and SEA region to support Single Mothers and empower them to rise above their circumstances. She is as well, a volunteer with local charities and regularly helps with non-profit initiatives and fund-raising.

A firm believer that every small action counts, Rahma is passionate about giving a strong voice to women and girls.

View Rahma’s LinkedIn profile here

Partnerships Director

Denise Jaschke

Denise has over 25 years of work experience in various fields. She left school when she was 16, started her career in Logistics, and is currently working as a commercial director for INK, a successful travel media publishing house. Denise has successfully changed the lives of many through life & business coaching. She has extensive experience in sales and leadership training.
The overall working environment that Denise was exposed to made her an effective problem solver and fast thinker. Finding solutions in unconventional ways is one of her specialities. Thinking outside the box and being NLP-trained makes her a successful business women.

Denise is from Germany. She lived in London for over 11 years before moving to Singapore in 2016. Her passions are scuba diving and other outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and running. Through sport, mainly Basketball, she has developed an incredible sense for teamwork.

One of her philosophies in life is to make a stranger smile every day before arriving at work.

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