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PrimeTime Board

2020-2022 Executive Board

Elected at the AGM on 29 April 2020


Katia Melazzi

Katia is an Executive Coach specialized in Leadership & Transitions. She brings together a unique combination of coaching and mentoring skills with a solid management background and geographic exposure across Europe & South East Asia.

Before transitioning to coaching, she has gained a proven expertise in Brand management, Business strategy, Marketing communication, and P&L Management as an executive in several roles in FMCG companies over a two-decade span.

Her track record includes driving business growth in multiple geographies, and the effective repositioning of leading coffee and cosmetic brands while holding full P&L responsibility.

In the past five years, she has developed a diverse experience in a variety of roles in the non-profit until serving as President for Tabitha Foundation and Nokor Tep Society.

She received an MBA in Marketing & Communication and a Master’s in Economics & Management from Bocconi University. She is a Certified Professional Coach, a certified NLP Practitioner, and holds ACC credentials from ICF.

Having lived an international life since her college time, she has faced the ups and downs of moving and working overseas as a student, as a single professional, as part of a couple, and as part of a family with children. This has given her an invaluable perspective on different cultures, business environments and a first-hand experience of the challenges and rewards of change and transitions.

When not wearing the coach hat, she enjoys giving back to the society supporting women’s empowerment, experiencing new foods with her family, and traveling in the region.

Vice President

Anne-Marie Clavelli

In her day job, Anne-Marie leads business development, driving organisation growth and generating philanthropic investment for the community. A professional philanthropy advisor with more than 20 years of non-profit experience providing strategic advisory to individual and institutional donors, Anne-Marie focuses her efforts at the intersection of optimism and impact. She thinks a lot about the legacy we live and leave – whether through time, talent or treasure.

Experienced in outreach, partnerships, development and communications, she is passionate about enabling individuals to realise their own goals. She has been an active PrimeTime member since 2016. Anne-Marie is grateful for the warm welcome she has experienced during her time in Singapore and looks forward to paying this forward.

While her Mandarin is not what it should be after so many years, ask her how her Singlish is coming along.


Katharina Baudouin-Goerlitz

Katharina is a self-employed Management Consultant & Programme Manager who leads international teams to deliver innovative products to customers. Untangling complex projects, prioritising, solving problems and supporting teams in their decision-making process is how she adds value to her teams. Her team members trust her because she creates team identity and cohesion, gets the job done, challenges them where needed and always supports them.

An optimist at heart, she believes that with the right mix of ‘Can do’ attitude, dedication, generosity and wit, women can move mountains. Adding PrimeTime Business and Professional Women’s Association and its strong support network to the equation, she is convinced members can provide each other with the right impetus and tools, build confidence and lift each other up to be ready for new challenges, may it be in their professional or personal life.

To free her mind and balance between her professional and family life, she sweats if off during Taekwondo classes or climbing the Bukit Timah Summit with friends. Get in touch with her on any questions regarding the association, talk about exciting dive sites or share on any other topic that you care about.


Shalini Ramachandran

Shalini is a Financial Controller and has been in the Accounting and Finance line for over 10 years now. She works for a large MNC and that has allowed her to gain international work experiences in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Germany and now back to Singapore. She also has experience with the shared services industry, supply chain management, strategy development and navigating through large organizations.

Out of the office she is an adrenaline junkie who loves the outdoors and obstacle races. She enjoys hiking, cycling and hitting the boutique gyms in Singapore. She enjoys good food, wine and travelling.

She is new to PrimeTime but with a combination of professional and educational background in the Finance world she aims to bring a fresh view and contribute to the organization.

Membership Director

Sandra Quelle

Sandra’s mission is to be the catalyst for a more inclusive society by enabling everyone to put a foot in the door and have a seat at the table.

With a masters’ in Business and Strategy Management by Deusto Business School and graduated in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) by Singapore Management University, Sandra has been creating sustainable positive change since 2012 combining her head-hunting, coaching, training, and public speaking experience.

Sandra launched The Happy Mondays Co in 2016 -an inclusion focused, women-led career empowerment consultancy- to empower individuals and organizations to reach their true potential. Having already touched the lives of 700+ people through workshops, coaching and keynotes, her drive towards awakening the warrior we, all women, have inside us became apparent.

Over the last two years, she has increased her involvement in women-centric pro-bono activities. From running multiple workshops on career and empowerment for non-profit associations including PrimeTime, and contributing to “Women Back To Work” business initiatives, to taking on a board membership role at a Women NPO.

Marketing Director

Saumya Pandey

Saumya has about 9 years of International exposure in Strategic Partnerships & Business development along with Retail Planning & Merchandising. She had worked with sports and fashion brands before moving to Singapore, a post in which she entered the E-commerce and partnerships domain.

Understanding how marketing plays an important role, not only professionally but also on an individual level, she keeps herself updated by taking Social Media and Digital Marketing courses, and has the same vision of spreading awareness, supporting and educating people on the basic elements of marketing and its role in our day to day life from personal branding to becoming a Pro.

Born and raised in a beautiful hill station in India, Saumya moved to Singapore with her family in 2013 and is now well integrated in the local community by volunteering for the love of books and knowledge transfer at the National Library conducting & supporting in events focused on teaching the kids. For her support towards Green Revolution, you can spot her every other weekend volunteering at one of the parks. Still spending most of her time following her passion for Digital Commerce , she leads an active circle of her own in ‘Lean In’ to support and promote women in the Retail/E-commerce industry.

She is passionate about connecting with people and building lifelong connections; drop her a note and she will be happy to respond.


Partnerships Director

Sheila Berman

Sheila Berman is a strong believer in changing domains and upskilling people to meet the challenges from business and life disruption. She has successfully transitioned from various domains with a background in Retail Merchandising, Tech Start-up, Events Management and Marketing. Living in 4 different countries has enabled her to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion.

She believes in continuous learning, having taught herself videography and video editing, digital analytics and website creation. Experimentation is important to her as a way to determine what works. She shares her knowledge and skills in not-for-profit organisations pro-bono. She has written diverse articles which have been published in 4 different countries and has been strong advocate of having more women speakers on stage, having overseen the marketing and promotion of KeyNote Women Speakers Directory for 2 years.

Sheila encourages people to be visible online and takes that advice by sharing business content on Linkedln and lifestyle content on her personal website, Shmi Shem.

Programmes Director

Sheetal Khullar

Sheetal is a Business Development Strategist with a passion to drive growth through collaboration and ideation. She has extensive experience in the Media Industry with a proven track record of launching many successful business campaigns.

With a natural flair for leadership, she believes that a disciplined approach and the ability to strategically use tools are the key factors for business growth. Sheetal is currently serving as the Board Secretary for Tabitha Foundation Singapore – a not for profit organisation, which works tirelessly to promote self-sufficiency through savings, counselling and goal-setting programmes for the under-privileged Cambodian families. She is also the Project Lead for Tabitha Foundation’s first e-commerce portal. She serves as Board Secretary for NokorTep Society, Singapore, which supports the NokorTep hospital in Phnom Penh, specially built to give Cambodian women access to treatment that is unaffordable to them.

Having lived across Europe and Asia over the past 15 years, she’s a strong advocate for gender diversity, equality and inclusion. Her intrigue in culture, history and art led her to be fluent in French and also spend several years researching Medieval art. Her work now is being conceptualised into a book.

She strongly believes in helping women achieve their highest potential which was what drew her to PrimeTime. A passionate film maker, she has recently completed two short films on PrimeTime with the main objective of showcasing PrimeTime to the world and is now looking forward to working with some of the Special Interest Groups at PrimeTime to offer her business acumen in order to enhance their growth furthermore. Her vision for PrimeTime is for it have a global reach and to be a place which offers women the most powerful tool of reinventing themselves into who they want to be.