Programs - Prime Time


One of our core pillars is Development and Growth and we truly believe that learning and sharing is the key to achieve our goals.
We offer a myriad of events and programs to help each of us to learn new things and developing our knowledge.


2nd Thursdays

Every 2nd Thursday through the year, we organize our flagship event around specific professional theme with well-known speakers sharing their knowledge.


The Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Are you interested in certain topics and areas? Perfect, we have the structure to help you cultivate these! The SIG’s (Entrepreneurs, Human Resources, Marketing Talks, Mindfulness And Well-being, Mothers Connect, Personal Power Lunch, Wine & DineTime, Finance, Law, Lifestyle, Careers, Outreach, Book Club and Arts) are here to help you grow your personal and professional interests.


KeyNote – Women Speakers

The world’s leading directory of female public speakers.
Keynote’s mission is to develop the visibility of women on stage, bringing diversity among public speaking! Many women have unique stories to share and these voices should be heard.
Click here for more information about KeyNote.



One of our three pillars is Community and to Contribute back to the society in Singapore. Through the years, PrimeTime has been a key partner for several social communities in Singapore.



This new program will be launched  in Q3 2019.


Coaching Programme

The objective is to accelerate personal growth by aiding self-discovery. The program takes place from September 2019 to January 2020, with events and workshops and a minimum of 3 one-on-one sessions. Click here to learn more about the program.