Welcome Message, Vision & Mission - Prime Time

Welcome Message, Vision & Mission

Welcome Message


Aurélie Saada, PrimeTime President 2018-2020


I am delighted to welcome you within our organization.

We are a non-profit association registered with the Registry of Societies in Singapore, whose mission is to encourage professional women to be inspired, learn and work towards achieving their highest potential.

Created in 1997, we are one of the oldest communities for professional women development in Singapore and our vision is to help professional women achieve their highest potential.
We strongly believe in creating a safe and trusted community for our members. With about the 30 nationalities covered among our members, we are, like Singapore, a melting pot of diverse culture and background, and the challenges we discuss cover all ages, professions, environments.

We are driven by the idea of a more diverse and inclusive society with more women at leadership positions. Diversity brings strength and sustainability, and PrimeTime is here to support this movement.
Through the years, we are proud to have helped the landscape of women in leadership to be shaped in Singapore. We know our journey is not over and we enjoy bringing up the conversations where it can make things move.

PrimeTime is run by women and built for women: although we understand the importance of gender parity and we include our male colleagues in some of our events, PrimeTime’s core focus is to create a safe open space for professional women to share their issues and to discuss solutions.

Being a non-profit organization, we rely on our members to develop and roll out our programs and actions. Our volunteers are the base structure of our organization and its foundation! Without them, PrimeTime couldn’t exist and we are proud of the events and programs we deliver.
Do not hesitate to raise your hands, try new things or create new programs. PrimeTime is a unique environment where members can try management positions such as board members, co-chairs, deputy, which will help them after in their corporate environment.
Step out of your comfort zone and take the chance to develop new skills! We believe in trying and testing and we will help you if needed.

As President I am looking forward to developing PrimeTime within the Singapore and South East Asia area to propose adequate programs to our members and to contribute to their professional development.
I also envision PrimeTime as a lead partner on the women leadership’s stage. This is an exciting time to bring things to the next level and PrimeTime has an active role in this.

Come and join us in our events, listen and be inspired.
We also always welcome new thoughts and new ideas: let us know what you would like to discuss, which questions you would like to see addressed and we can always discuss about this.

Once again welcome, and I am looking forward to meeting you and speaking with you at our next event!

Warm regards,




Our Vision

We believe that with PrimeTime, one day all women will reach their highest potential.


Our Mission

We inspire members to reach their highest potential by providing opportunities for professional growth, social connection and community outreach.