Operations Lead

Operations Lead

Operations Team
4 months ago

Role Description:

1. Website Functionality & Content Upload

  • Evaluate and manage website performance
  • Ensure developer is upholding their contractual commitments
  • Respond to and troubleshoot all website issues
  • Advise the Board on how to improve the user experience of the website
  • Keep up to date with and recommend industry best practices and monitor competitor websites for operational efficiencies
  • Act as point of contact with website vendor when needed for additional support
  • Be the go-to person to update content on the website and act as lead to oversee a team of volunteers who can also edit core content for the website
  • Support PrimeTime teams with uploading website content

2. Email

  • Ensure the smooth operation of the Google email platform
  • Manage the email allocation for PrimeTime volunteers (starters and leavers)

3. Shared workspace

  • Support the Board with use of Google workspace & best housekeeping practice


How does this job interact with other members?

  • Board members: support all IT matters that the Board members encounter and innovate and improve on operational standards (e.g. platforms, website, technical processes etc)
  • Membership Director: collaborate to ensure the membership database is functioning smoothly
  • Treasurer: collaborate to ensure financial transactions on the website are functioning smoothly
  • Marketing Director: support Marketing team on changing or uploading content on the website; provide necessary training


Skills required for this position:

  • IT experience will be advantageous
  • Willingness to learn and support operations infrastructure at PrimeTime
  • General business skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of Glue Up will be advantageous, project management skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and knowledge management skills


Typical month’s time commitment: 20 hours

  • Trouble shooting on the website, communicating with vendors
  • Website content updates