Katia Melazzi

Katia Melazzi, PrimeTime President

Welcome to PrimeTime!

I am glad to have you joining our association.

Established in 1997, we are one of the oldest communities for business and professional women in Singapore. With over 30 nationalities represented within our membership, we take great pride in the diversity of our members. Like Singapore, PrimeTime is a rich melting pot. Our members come from a wide spectrum of corporate and professional organisations and have different experiences in terms of cultural background, professional industry, personal interests, ages and life stages.

At PrimeTime, we value different perspectives and acknowledge that they help us grow and move forward. We are passionate about the work we do, and we are committed in supporting business and professional women to thrive both professionally and personally.

Our vision is simple yet powerful. We believe that one day all women will reach their highest potential. We trust women leaders’ distinctive ability to create positive impact on their communities and societies and we are sure that having more women in senior leadership roles will ultimately benefit everyone, and lead to a more equal and sustainable world.

We are registered as a non-profit association with the Registry of Societies in Singapore, and we are on a mission to inspire our members to reach their highest potential by providing opportunities for professional growth, social connection and community outreach.

In the past 23 years, we have developed a safe and supportive space for business and professional women to connect, collaborate and contribute. We recognize that our journey is not finished yet and we want to continue working with passion to inspire action, drive a meaningful change in our community and advance women in leadership.

PrimeTime is a women-only association, not because we don’t enjoy networking with men.

The truth is that we recognize and appreciate the benefit of connecting with women with an attitude of empathy and willingness to share. In our experience, we feel more comfortable in voicing issues and concerns in a women-only environment, especially when it comes to how to balance the professional and personal aspects of our lives. Sometimes, we also need to be encouraged to make time for ourselves and to invest in our personal and professional development.

Despite our focus on women, we also understand the importance of including the male voice in some of our initiatives and we draw our male allies into the conversation when it comes to some of our events, particularly when related to gender equality topics.

PrimeTime is run entirely by our member volunteers who believe that individuals can make a difference – and are willing to prove it. We rely on a team of motivated and talented women to come together, develop and roll out our initiatives. Our volunteers are the foundation of our association! Without them, we couldn’t exist and deliver the quality and quantity of events we are so proud of.
Leveraging each volunteer’s authentic contribution, we provide a unique platform to try management positions such as board, co-chairs, and deputy roles. PrimeTime is a great place to take on new responsibilities, push your boundaries, and build up the confidence that will help you move forward, realize your potential and succeed professionally.

As PrimeTime President, I invite you to step up from your comfort zone, connect with us, and propose new programs. I am curious to listen to your ideas and to the topics most relevant to you and to share how we can make them a reality. This is an exciting time to bring PrimeTime to the next level. We can shape together the future of the association and further consolidate our position as the leading business and professional women association in Singapore.

So, welcome again to this inspiring community. I am looking forward to meeting you at our upcoming events, online for a while until we will be able to attend once again onsite events. Besides the classical webinars – free for our members – that we have already organized, we are working to recreate real life learning and networking opportunities online to engage you more so you will forget you are in front of a screen and feel a bit of that energy you experience when interacting in person.

I am sure you will find your unique way to develop and learn your skills, share your story in a respectful space, grow your network and become a more empowered person…while having fun with like-minded women.

My warmest regards,

Katia Melazzi