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WomanToWoman Mentorship Program #MentoringMonday

Creating meaningful conversations

This program is geared to educate, inspire and empower women across different generations with the core values, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of quality leadership. It comprises of 1-on-1 mentoring conversations around career/personal development, professional advancement and other unique areas of professional experience with your mentor. More than 60 women have already benefitted from this program.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between two individuals based on a mutual desire for development towards career and personal goals and objectives. A mentor eventually becomes a friend and an accountability partner who guides you through your challenges personally and professionally.

About WomanToWoman Mentorship Program

This is a unique program focussing on 1-on-1 mentoring, leadership and empowerment via workshops, panel discussions and networking with like-minded women. When you  sign up for this program, you get access to the below activities.

Mentoring Speed Date

This is the first activity of the program where you will meet your fellow mentoring participants and get to know them better (background, interests, areas of expertise, ambitions etc.). This “Getting to know others” session will end with a voting task where you get to choose the top 3 woman you would want to be paired with. The program team will review the voting results and will match you with a suitable partner.

Mentoring Buddy

After getting matched with your mentoring buddy, your mentoring journey starts!

      • We encourage you to have an open mind  when you start your mentoring journey with your mentoring buddy. It might take 1-2 sessions to get to know each other and understand the process.
      • Both of you act as mentor and mentee at different circumstances of your journey. 
      • Meeting once a month gives you a better mentoring flow but we don’t stop you there.. Meet and talk as much as you can!

Mentoring Mingle

      • Mingle and network – This is the most exciting part of the program where you will be able to network in groups after the program team huddle you together in groups of 5.
      • Build your personal and professional connection which in turn opens up a lot of opportunities.
      • If restrictions ease in Singapore, feel free to meet in person, or else you can join our zoom calls and mingle amongst your groups on #MentoringMonday
      • Rest assured, we will try to have 2-3 group mingle sessions arranged within the 8 month program span (Feb 2022 – Sept 2022)

Mentoring Recharge

      • Midway through the program, we will have a recharge panel discussion with some of our mentoring experts to answer your queries on mentoring.
      • Feel free to reach out to the Program team for any issues/glitches throughout the membership journey.
      • If you have any glitches in your mentoring journey, this is the opportunity to speak up.

Empowering Workshops

You will have access to 6 empowering workshops to boost your leadership skills and improve on your professional/personal communication. This is also another opportunity for you to network as a mentoring group and share your insights on relevant topics via zoom break-outs.

Note: To benefit better, we will be taking suggestions from the participants for workshop topics.

 Who can join?

PrimeTime Mentoring Program is open to all current PrimeTime Members and contingent upon a commitment to 1 mentoring meeting in person per month for a period of 8 months. We require the everyone interested in joining the program brings the following attributes.

  • Patience, understanding, openness and creative attitude
  • High degree of professional integrity and respect
  • Strong communication skills: speak clearly with respect, listen & provide constructive feedback focused on solutions
  • Sensitivity to the equal mentoring roles and responsibilities to ensure needs of both buddy mentors are met.

How does it work?

This is an 8-month program with regular webinars/workshops and ongoing communications from the Program Office. Participants are expected to attend at least 75% of the #MentoringMonday sessions to fully benefit from the overall program structure and to experience the complete learning journey with PrimeTime WomanToWoman Mentorship Program.

What previous participants say about the program?

There were more than 60 women who participated in the Mentoring program in the past three editions.

Here are some testimonials from our lovely participants:

  • “I have an action plan and started to actually realizing my goals!”
  • “I finally started to take action in order to pursue my goals and I gained new perspectives and insights as well!”
  • “Great opportunity for a new member such as myself to connect with another Primetime member on a real level (outside quick 1 -3 hour primetime) with similar goals and challenges. Having a listening ear from someone who is not emotionally involved in my life and who can challenge me and provide feedback in an honest and detached way.”
  • “I think life is an ongoing learning and sharing process. I believe in power of peer to peer support kind of relationships.”
  • “I would like to join this program again next year! I think it is always helpful to foster a mentoring and supportive relationship with another woman.”
  • “I enjoyed the friendship with my co-mentor! We have had fun together, and she challenged me even when I didn’t want to listen.”
  • “The mentoring team has done a brilliant job in organizing this and the program is well structured. The most in-depth guidance on mentoring I have received (and I have participated in several previous mentoring programs at work). The concept of 2-way mentoring is highly innovative and interesting. So yes I would do it again, as I think it is highly valuable – what you make of it.”

Program cost

  • PrimeTime Members: SGD $200
  • Non-members/Guests: SGD $340 (Free PrimeTime annual membership for 2022 with access to all PrimeTime events)

 How to join the program?

This program has been postponed and we will relaunch when live events open up in Singapore.

Corporate Collaboration

The WomanToWoman Mentorship program is open to employees or corporate partners too. Please contact the Partnerships team at if your company is interested in becoming a Corporate Partner with PrimeTime.

Further Queries

If you have further questions on the Mentoring program, please feel free to reach out to  the Mentoring Program Team at


Mentoring Program Lead
Ramya Bhaskar

Ramya is a Program Manager with over 10 years of experience in the Information Technology field. She has a Master’s degree in Engineering and is trained in Program Management. She has worked with 2 MNC’s so far and dealt with different organization culture and procedures. She strives to implement a regime of “continuous improvement” at work and actively works on bringing down internal processes to a lean model.

She has extensive volunteer experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement in organizing events within the community and for social causes.

Ramya is involved with WeDu since 2017 where she mentors young girls to achieve their fullest potential and rides them towards the right direction based on their life goals. She is also an active mentor in National University of Singapore’s Engineering department.

In her free time, she loves to explore colors through paintings and finds happiness cooking for her family. She also loves reading contemporary fiction and enjoys travelling, Zumba and yoga.

Ramya has been an active member in PrimeTime for the past 3 years and is a strong believer of women empowerment and equality.

View Ramya’s profile here
Contact Ramya at


Claudia Al-Bala’a (Co-Lead)

Claudia is a certified Integral Development Coach and is passionate about supporting professionals reach their potential and to live authentic and balanced lives.

Her last corporate role before establishing her own coaching business, was Senior Vice President, Human Resources for Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels & Resorts. As a leader in Human Resources, she valued mentoring and developing hoteliers at all levels of the organization.

She is originally from Germany, but has lived the majority of her life outside of her home country; in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Asia. For the last 19 years she has been working and living in Singapore.


Julie Kenny (Program Team)

Julie Kenny is an experienced Executive Trainer/Coach and Writer with a passion for learning and development.

She specializes in facilitating Leadership Skills programs, Communication Skills programs as well as Interpersonal and behavioral related training. For more than thirteen years she has worked across all functions and levels of organizations.

As an executive coach, Julie is supportive and encouraging. She believes in helping those she works with to understand what areas they want to develop and what steps they can take in that direction. She provides those she coaches with insights and practical steps for real and permanent change.

For the past few years, Julie has been developing her passion for written communication. She has set herself the challenge to research, write and publish articles on business and fitness topics that she finds interesting.


Sahana Bapu (Program Team)

Sahana is an Operations and Program Management Specialist in the IT industry with over 15 years of global experience.

She is a certified in Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She has had the opportunity to work extensively in areas such as Process Transition, Critical Deployments and Process Improvements along her journey. She has had an opportunity to work in India, Malaysia and Singapore.

On a personal front, Sahana is mother of twin toddlers that keeps her on her toes. In her free time, she loves to cook for her family/friends, read fiction books and loves music and dance. She is a trained Indian classical dancer and has given various performances during her stint across the region.

Sahana holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration from SP Jain Institute of Management.

Past Mentoring Events:

(Webinar) Basics of Mentoring and A glimpse of Two Way Mentoring 3.0 Program