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Ignite your Life and Career!

(Registrations are now closed for 2021)

Our new Programme ́s mission is to help individuals live their lives with greater purpose and success.

It is a personalised and unique programme which provides a new framework where our participants can choose to focus on their professional (career) or personal (life) development. First to boost awareness of their values, purpose and goals. Second, to integrate their needs and aspirations to provide actionable strategies. Lastly, to consolidate the learnings in a safe and supportive environment. A great Program to connect, support, inspire and thrive!

This program has been designed exclusively for PrimeTime by certified Coaches.

In this Programme you will learn how to:

For Personal Development:
  • Improve your Relationships;
  • Connect with others in an authentic way;
  • Manage your emotions;
  •  Better cope with stress and new challenges.
For Career Development (Career transition, back to work, promotion): 
  • Define clear career goals and create an action plan to achieve your career goals;
  • Learn powerful communication strategies
  • Build your Resume;
  • Improve your LinkedIn profile;
  •  Master interview techniques;
  • Build an active and supportive network.

For Whom?

This programme is particularly suited for women who:

  • Looking for deeper self-awareness to reach new personal or professional goals;
  • Going through a life or career transition;
  • Seeking to build stronger relationships, or
  • Are simply curious to discover more about themselves!

You will benefit from:

  • A pool of professional, certified and excellent coaches;
  • Individual and group sessions to provide a unique development experience; 
  • Safe space, small, diverse and supportive group;
  • Social connections (3 in person meetings);
  • Online workshops to provide flexibility and convenience;
  • Pre and post workshop assignments to ensure a solid learning;
  • Continuous support from PrimeTime Team during and after the programme;
  • Unlimited access to PrimeTime events for further personal and career development.

It’s a life-changing experience!

How does this work?

Duration: The programme is running for 5 months (Oct’21 to Feb’22) to enable a deeper connection between participants and ensure that you will achieve a positive and lasting change. Participants are expected to commit approx. 4 hours per month to fully benefit from the overall programme.


• 6 Workshops (Option to focus on Personal or Career);
• 4 Individual coaching sessions with an experienced Coach to talk through where you are, where you want to go, and what habits and strategies get you there;
• 2 Coffee get togethers to ensure engagement, commitment, and growth between sessions;
• 1 Closing Dinner, where you will be able to connect, share and celebrate your achievements;

Detailed dates for the workshops (Virtual) from 7pm to 9 pm:

Personal Development Path:
14th October, Thursday (6:30pm-9pm)
28th October, Thursday
09th November, Tuesday
23rd November, Tuesday
07th December, Tuesday
20th January, Thursday
3rd February, Thursday (Celebration Dinner)

Career Development Path:
14th October, Thursday (6:30 pm – 9 pm)
28th October, Thursday
18th November, Thursday
25th November, Thursday
09th December, Thursday
20th January, Thursday
3rd February, Thursday (Celebration Dinner)

Once signed-up for the entire programme you will automatically be registered to all events and workshops related to this program. All charges are included in the programme fee. There is no need to register separately.

Participants should attend the entire program to fully benefit from the overall structure and to experience the complete learning journey with PrimeTime Coaching Program!

Program cost

• Members: SGD 500
• Non-members: SGD 640 (includes PrimeTime Annual Membership)

If you are interested in the Personal and Career Development Programme 2021, or have any queries, please reach out to (Registrations are currently closed for FY21 but we will always be delighted to address your questions)

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please contact the programme organiser if you need to cancel after payment is done.

A full refund can only be made if notice is received at least 2 full weeks in advance of the program start. No programme refund after October 14, 2021.

Who can join?

PrimeTime’s Personal and Career Development Programme is open to all PrimeTime Members.

If you are not yet a PrimeTime Member, in the above program cost, there is an option to pay the non-member fee and you will automatically become a member for one year. Alternatively, join today to be eligible for this program of self-discovery!

Watch out for more information during our next webinar or contact us at

Meet the team:

Thais De Pietro Fas (Chair)

Programme Chair
Thais De Pietro Fas

Career and Work-Life Balance Coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (ACC) and Online entrepreneur.

Since 2016 Thais is a certified Coach and Online Entrepreneur. She offers training and coaching in order to accelerate her clients personal and career development.

Prior to that, she worked in leadership roles at multinational companies for more than 11 years.

With broad experience in Customer Insight, Marketing, Project Management and Purchasing at Group Pao de Acucar (Brazil´s largest Retail Group) and Walmart.

With a Strategic and People Oriented profile, she left the corporate career path to live her passion: to support personal and professional transitions, to help people find and live a balanced life and accelerate their career development.

Learn more about Thais here


Megna Karwa (Programme Manager)

Programme Manager
Megna Karwa

Megna Karwa has been with PrimeTime for a year supporting the Marketing team and is enthusiastic to learn more skills, empower herself and other in the process. She is a graphic designer and has taken on diverse roles in the field of digital marketing and web communications. 

Having been through and experienced the 2020 Life Development Programme with PrimeTime, she truly believes in the outcome – “Give yourself the time and knowledge to know yourself better!”

Learn more about Megna here.

The Coaching team is also relying on the support of Mandy Irvine (Events Manager) and Jeanette Mok (Events Manager).


“I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the Primetime life coaching program 2019. The program delivered to my expectation, with experienced coaches and well balanced sessions, we attendees were coached in a safe environment and given quite a lot of tools to work with.
I gained a lot of insight in how to start setting life priorities, my coaching foundations and raising my overall awareness. We went through a great exercise on how to get to know yourself and create a tangible action plan to achieve success in your own determined areas in your life. 
The most valuable element of the program however, were the 1-to-1 coaching sessions with a certified coach, which have given me tangible breakthroughs that I never expected. All in all, a rich program, I walked away with new insights, a full toolkit and a network of wonderful ladies with whom I am still connected.” 
– Sita Doornbos (The Netherlands) 2019

“The Life coaching @Prime Time journey began redefining me. It helped me see my own values and strengths more vividly than through the eyes of a 3rd person. All the coaches spent time to work with the team to work towards the goal of uplifting the positive vibes in each of us. 
Having a designated coach was fabulous as it helped me to get individual attention to my objectives. Thank you PrimeTime for all your efforts to recreate me!”
– Gopika Balraj (India) 2020

“My goals, my personality, and my sense of purpose was lost somewhere in between being a stay at home mother and raising a family. So, In September 2020 I joined the PrimeTime coaching program to figure this part of my life out and I was NOT disappointed !This coaching Program differentiates from others as it gives a well balanced mix of live workshops with access to a wide variety of coaches, one on one sessions with a personal coach and group study! The quality of content, information, support and the expertise of coaches are exemplary!
During the program, I mostly enjoyed the monthly workshops and one on one personal sessions. The sessions gave me the tools to grow and taught me to how apply them in various aspects of my life. The coaches gave me constant support and encouragement at every stage and still do ! It has been an amazing journey. I am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident and I am finally able to do the things that I want to do. I have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place, and I’m not afraid to fail !
I wouldn’t know about other programs but I would highly recommend THIS Coaching program of PrimeTime because, besides being cost effective, the connections that the coaches make with you and the learnings are life long.”
– Megna Karwa (India) 2020

How can I volunteer for the programme?

If you are interested in being involved in the programme coordination or contribute to the Personal and Career Development Programme , please contact us at