The Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Are you interested in certain topics and areas? We have the structure to help you cultivate these! The SIG’s are here to help you grow your personal and professional interests.

We truly believe that learning and sharing is the key to achieve our goals and offer a great variety of events to help each of us learn new things and develop our knowledge.

Here is an overview of our Special Interest Groups:


The Arts Group organizes events which are focused on the local arts and culture scene. The events vary from curated visits to art galleries to theatre experiences and more.

Book Club

This group meets at a different member’s home each month. The meetings are from 7.30 – 10 pm and include a potluck dinner. The number of attendees will be based on venue limitations and we will ensure a small group size so there is an adequate discussion opportunity for all participants.


The aim is to bring you events that will give you practical tips and inspiration to help you build your career, whether you are looking to climb the ladder in your current industry or looking to forge a new career path.


Curating creative co-learning events for aspiring and active female entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and contribute to develop thought leadership in the entrepreneurial space.

Environmental Sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability Group has been set up to raise awareness, educate and inspire members and guests to help lead a change in culture, economy and governance towards environmental conservation; to be ambassadors and help create lifestyles that respect and sustain our home – Mother Nature.


Designed to support the growth of women in this area through facilitating both knowledge and an in-depth exchange of professional and personal knowledge.

Human Resources

The Human Resource Group offers discussions with guest speakers and industry experts on a wide range of topics relevant to the HR profession.


This group comprises of legal professionals from across the legal sector, dedicated to bring women together in a relaxed and fun environment, share best practices and learn from each other.


The group addresses interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations.

Marketing Talks

Marketing Talks is a series of networking events for women about thought leadership and innovation within the rapidly changing world of Marketing.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

You will learn how to develop mindfulness, overcome challenges, and integrate it in your daily life. Together, we will guide and support each other as we enhance professional effectiveness and lead more balanced, peaceful lives.

Mothers Connect

Designed for mums with children of all age groups, this group is focused on supporting working mums, by providing guidance on work/life balance, parenting and other hot topics relevant to working mothers.

Personal Power Lunch

Personal Power Lunch is about you and just for you. Self-empowerment, personal growth and well-being are the focus of these gatherings.

Wine & DineTime

This group caters to PrimeTime members and their partners who love exploring the flavors of wine, cocktails, spirits and the culinary kaleidoscope of Singapore in an informal environment.

If you wish to find out more, please contact our SIG Lead: