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Curating creative co-learning events for aspiring and active female entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and contribute to develop thought leadership in the entrepreneurial space.

Be your own boss, build your business strategy: participants are taken participants through the steps of starting and growing a business, with a collaborative ‘how to’ focus.

Entrepreneurs Program Leaders

Ascension Tejedor

Entrepreneurs Program Leaders
Ascension Tejedor

After having other interests for a long time, Ascension made the unexpected decision to switch to Economics and successfully completed a B.Sc. and MBA after which she built a professional career in the corporate finance world for more than 20 years.
Having lived in four different countries with her husband and her three children, the common denominator throughout all these years has been her unwavering passion for education: as a mother, as a math teacher, as the finance manager of an international school, and as the co-founder of SCHOOL IN, she’s always remained steadfast in her belief that education is the best way to make a difference in people’s lives.
She also believes in her responsibility to share and to give back to others, and she feels deeply honored to be able to contribute as Board Treasurer for inspiring organizations like Tabitha Singapore and Nokor Tep Society.
As a Co-Chair of the Entrepreneurs group, Ascension looks forward to helping women connect and collaborate through the process of starting and growing a business. Here is one of her favourite quotes by Steve Jobs: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance”.

Elvira Lopez

Elvira Lopez

In her most recent assignment back in London, Elvira was the Marketing & Product event leader and liaison of PR agencies for NATURABISSE, a skin care and beauty multinational company committed to enhance self-esteem for adult women with Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.
Her career started as an Interior Designer in Milan, where she enjoyed creating new home environments associated to modern and inspiring standards of living. Following her arrival in Mexico, she then became a Cordon Blue MasterChef and subsequently started her own business providing authentic cuisine solutions for businesses and the Mexican embassy in London. The variety of these roles and learning experiences shows her capacity to adapt and reinvent herself towards more creative and networking environments.
Elvira was born and raised in Latin America and since her graduation as a Computer Scientist, she has lived in Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Mexico, UK and in 2016 she moved to Singapore. She is the mother of three gorgeous girls and married for 29 years with a successful executive. Elvira enjoys travelling, reading and is very active in competitive sports (dragon boat racing).

Contact sig@primetime.org.sg for more information about the Entrepreneurs group.

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