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Human-made pollution, climate change, and bio-diversity loss have thrown civilisation into a global crises. Governments, companies and consumers are awakening to the looming catastrophe but time is running short.
What is environmental sustainability? How has the face of planet Earth changed forever? What developments have led to that, what will be the repercussions and most importantly what can we do today to slow the pace of this downward spiral and shape the future for the better?

The Environmental Sustainability Group has been set up to raise awareness, educate and inspire members and guests to help lead a change in culture, economy and governance towards environmental conservation; to be ambassadors and help create lifestyles that respect and sustain our home – Mother Nature.

Teodora Zagorcheva

Environmental Sustainability Group Program Leaders

Teodora Zagorcheva

A marketer by training and nature-lover by heart, Teodora has 10 years of experience in MNCs, holding regional roles across Asia and Europe. She takes a strong interest and passion in environmental sustainability and is keen to encourage others to be aware of, and support, environmental causes. Teodora truly believes that people should live in harmony with nature and that this is possible to achieve, even in big cities.

Teodora is a co-organiser of Nature Play Singapore, a global movement promoting love and care for nature with young children and parents alike.

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