Signature Events: The Special Interest Groups (SIG)

The Law SIG comprises of legal professionals from across the law sector, dedicated to bringing women together in a relaxed environment, share best law practices and learn from each other.

The Law SIG purpose is to:

• Build effective relationships on a professional and empowering level and to give members opportunities to meet up and share legal experiences

• Promote the law profession and legal practices throughout law events and legal projects

• Raise awareness of Singapore law by increasing the knowledge of legal matters that impact people’s lives in order to act in accordance with the Singaporean law

Hristina Telencheva

Law Program Leaders
Hristina Telencheva

“Contribute with intention, not for attention”

As an LL.M. Legal Advisor with more than 12 years legal experience in Civil law, Hristina possesses a keen eye for details, an ability to work with motivation, compassion, resilience and enthusiasm on projects that aim raising awareness of the law by increasing the knowledge of legal matters that impact people’s lives in order to exercise their rights and act in accordance with the law.

Her ambition is to become a judge one day, but these days Hristina is a practicing Mediator, experienced in problem-resolution and settlement negotiation, skilled in verbal and written argumentation, legal research and analysis. Her vision is that mediation is a cheaper, effective and time-saving method for resolving disputes. She is passionate about motivating people to be honest, authentic, patient, respectful to each other and open to communicate in order to reach a mutual agreement.

Hristina moved to Singapore in March 2018 following her husband and her dream to become a mother. She believes in women’s power. Hristina stands upon the idea that wherever they live, women should get the very best out of their unique lives and understanding their true strengths to maximize them in the outer world, to be authentic individuals, to support each other and to collaborate together in their way of empowerment.

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