Signature Events: The Special Interest Groups (SIG)

More than ever, mindfulness and wellbeing is gaining increasing prominence in today’s world.

Maybe you’re starting to explore Mindfulness. Maybe you’re on a journey to find your internal equilibrium and wellbeing. Wherever you happen to be, come join like-minded women in the Mindfulness & Well-being Group.

You will learn how to develop mindfulness, overcome challenges, and integrate it in your daily life. Through talks from experienced practitioners and facilitated discussions, you will obtain practical skills and insights on how to cultivate awareness, apply it in the workplace, and better manage yourself. Together, we will guide and support each other as we enhance professional effectiveness and lead more balanced, peaceful lives.

Kit Lim

Mindfulness & Well-being Program Leaders

Kit Lim

Kit believes that the future of the workplace is one that is constantly advocating for diversity and inclusion, championing for wellbeing, and having a dedicated coach in place to boost confidence, improve work performance, and foster positive communication.

Embodying all three aspects, Kit has more than 15 years of experience in the commercial and people development space. She is a strong believer of great EX (employee experience) leads to great CX (client experience), and that taking care of people first will always lead to greater outcomes.

Kit has varied experience across a wide range of industries including IT, F&B,  hospitality and professional services. She is a strong advocate of lifelong learning  and believes that a growth mindset is key to overcoming challenges and adversity in life.

A strong proponent of personal wellbeing and mindfulness, Kit has also been actively involved in promoting these causes at the workplace and the community. She believes self-care to be extremely important for all aspects of our wellbeing, including mental, emotional, physical and financial.
A mother to two young kids, Kit also enjoys meeting new people and the company of like-minded individuals and looks forward to connecting with other women seeking empowerment and support

Currently we are on the lookout out for more members to join our team! Are you interested? Please contact us at sig@primetime.org.sg.

Contact mindfulness@primetime.org.sg for more information about the mindfulness & wellbeing events.

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