Signature Events: The Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Personal Power Lunch is about you and just for you. Self-empowerment, personal growth and well-being are the focus of these gatherings. They provide an opportunity to be inspired by empowering speakers and to network with other PrimeTime members.

Personal Power Lunch is held at a variety of restaurants, mostly between 12 – 2 pm. Presentations last for 45 to 60 minutes. Don’t miss these events, they could make a difference in your life.

We hope to see you soon at our next event!

Amrita Khadilkar & Ramya Bhaskar
Personal Power Lunch Program Leaders

Personal Power Lunch Leaders

Amrita Khadilkar

Personal Power Lunch Leaders
Amrita Khadilkar

Amrita has been working in the corporate world for the past 16 years, specializing in the areas of supply chain management, change management and project delivery.

She is especially passionate about rolling out systems and programs that bring about business as well as cultural change in organizations. Amrita also believes strongly in gender diversity in the workplace and has been a keen supporter of diversity and mentorship programs.

Amrita brings a very diverse personal experience, having lived, worked and travelled in many different parts of the world. She has a young family with 2 daughters, and loves to spend her free time writing, cooking, baking and doing fun projects with her children.

Besides work and family, Amrita is passionate about volunteering with organizations focused on women’s causes and education. She joined Primetime as it strongly resonated with her interest in creating self-development opportunities for women. With Personal Power Lunch, she intends to leverage on her diverse professional and personal experience to create a platform for women from all walks of life to build personal and professional networks and capabilities.

Amrita holds a Bachelor of Business Administrator (Honours) from National University of Singapore, and an MBA from INSEAD. She also holds PMP and Lean Practitioner credentials.

Ramya Bhaskar

Ramya Bhaskar

Ramya is a Program Manager in an MNC, specialized in Continuous Improvement and Process & Capabilities. She has a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is trained in project management. She moved to Singapore a decade back for her Master’s and stayed here to continue her career.

She has worked with two companies so far and dealt with different organization cultures and procedures. She worked in the engineering space before moving into business & project management. She strives to implement a regime of “continuous improvement” at work and is actively working on bringing down internal processes to a lean model.

She has been a part of corporate social responsibility volunteer roles at both workplaces and has organized several events for social causes.

She loves to explore colours through paintings which also helps her to cope with stress. She often looks to bring joy through her paintings/crafts, so it involves a lot of creative DIY mediums. She loves to experiment at cooking by blending Indian flavours to Western food and vice versa.

Currently we have 2 program leaders and we are always on the lookout out for more members to join our team! Are you interested? Please contact us at

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