Signature Events: The Special Interest Groups (SIG)

In a world of information overload, stories can cut through the clutter, get the message across and influence people. By sharing personal experiences, you turn abstract concepts into concrete images that anyone can understand and relate to. Stories can stir opinions and change behaviours!

The Storytelling SIG offers “Tell Your Story” events where members can share personal stories to improve their storytelling skills and audience connection. Occasionally we may have professional guest storytellers to share stories and storytelling tips.

The stories shared must be true personal stories, with the goal of letting the other members get to know a little more about you and how you reflect on your own life experiences. Any story shared should already be resolved.

Our events provide a diverse choice of opportunities for PrimeTime members and guests to participate as:
Storytellers (members only): tell a prepared story to the audience.
Feedback givers: share your observations and suggestions to help the storytellers improve their skills and gain confidence.
Audience: listen to the prepared stories of our members and be inspired to share a short impromptu story in a small group.

Each “Tell Your Story” event has 2 parts:

1. Prepared Stories – presentation of prepared personal stories to the audience and feedback; the stories can be 5 to 7 minutes long, under the meeting’s topic; during this part we may also have professional tellers sharing stories and tips.
2. Impromptu Stories – impromptu sharing of personal stories in small groups, inspired by a prompt.

As a participant in our events, you will be practising your storytelling skills and building your confidence. When giving feedback to the storytellers, you are not only helping them improve but also motivating others to experiment with communicating this way. As a listening audience, you are motivating the storytellers to do their best and you will learn from observation.

When we listen to personal stories, we rediscover our humanity. By getting to know others through their stories, we understand their actions or opinions better and empathise with them.

Join us, be inspired and inspire others with your personal stories.

Storytelling Program Leaders

Ana Sousa Gavin

Ana Sousa Gavin

Making assumptions about others is one of the greatest pitfalls in communication. Especially in a day and age when most communication is done via messages or video calls, with people all over the world. 

Ana believes that sharing personal stories makes communication easier. When we get to know each other as humans, we empathize with their struggles and celebrations, and understand better “where they are coming from”.

A storyteller and storytelling coach since 2015, Ana is the founder of Organic Storytellers where she coaches adults and children to communicate and connect with their audience. She creates experiential learning programs using her varied background in Social and Organizational Psychology (B.Sc.), Early Years Education (S.D.), Fitness Coaching (D.) and Improvisational Theatre (training and performing since 2017).

Passionate about storytelling and communication skills, Ana wants to contribute to Primetime by creating a platform for members to grow their storytelling skills and audience connection.


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