Body in Balance Group Programme

01-26-2024 8:30 AM - 03-08-2024 10:00 AM
body in balance

Body in Balance group program


Have you been experiencing weight gain, mood, sleep and digestive issues recently?  

Are you wondering "Am I experiencing perimenopause"? There are many elements that contribute to feeling suboptimal. We delve into the causes and solutions in my Body in Balance group program starting 24th (online), 26th (in person) January 2024.


I’m Jo, and I love nothing more than helping people find their own wellness formulas. Putting someone on a path towards a healthier, happier life, fills me with a huge sense of pride and joy, every single time.


Healthy Lifestyle

My Body in Balance group program is a perfect way to learn all about the key pillars of a healthy lifestyle, understand the main hormone dynamics that lead to lack of vitality, plus learn how to reverse them.  We also delve into mindset, cravings and the causes and solutions to heal gut dysbiosis. Everyone leaves having lost a few pounds and with a new enlightened understanding of how they want to live the rest of their lives. 


Shifting Mindset 

I know that the first steps to making lifestyle changes are often accompanied with dread, so I wanted to focus on shifting mindset and leaning into a supportive small community setting, so that dread could be replaced by excitement, inspiration & empowerment. 


Course Program

Over the course of the program, running for 8 weeks, we cover topics such as:

  • Mindset - how to reframe your health journey, so that you enjoy the process. 
  • Hormones - the main imbalances that affect your health with recommendations on how
  • to rebalance them.
  • Gut Imbalance- symptoms, why it is important to optimise gut health and solutions to address and heal.
  • Cravings - Biochemical imbalances that cause cravings and how to address them.
  • Meal planning & lifestyle tips -   guidance on the most nutritious foods to help you to thrive.


Course info

In person dates: 26th January, 9th & 23rd February, 8th & 22nd March.

Timing: 8:30-10am

Location: Medway Park

Price: $595

*includes health analysis at the beginning of the program to tailor program to your needs


Online dates: 24th January, 7th & 21st February, 6th & 20th March.

Timing: 7-8pm 

Price $295 


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