Welcome to PrimeTime's Leadership Programme – your pathway to unlocking the full spectrum of your leadership potential. Designed exclusively for women aspiring to or currently in leadership roles, our program is a journey crafted to address the challenges and opportunities female leaders encounter in today's professional landscape.

About the Programme

At PrimeTime, we go beyond conventional leadership training. Our Leadership Programme is not just a series of workshops; it's a comprehensive development experience led by a diverse team of international coaches and experts. From defining your personal leadership purpose to enhancing executive presence and navigating diverse cultural environments, each session is strategically designed to empower you.

Key Features

Personal Development Plan: Craft your unique roadmap for professional growth.

International Network: Connect with a community of female leaders in Singapore and PrimeTime's global association.

Holistic Skill Development: Improve self-awareness, executive presence, and strategic thinking.

Exclusive Community: Share, learn, and grow with like-minded women in a safe and supportive space.



How to Sign up

  1. Check Eligibility: The Leadership Programme is ideal for women in or aspiring to leadership roles.
  2. Explore Benefits: Discover the transformative benefits, including personalized coaching, international networking, and holistic skill development.
  3. Reach Out: For inquiries or to schedule a chat with our Programme Lead, email us at leadership_programme@primetime.org.sg.
  4. Secure Your Spot: Don't miss the opportunity to invest in yourself. Join PrimeTime, and subscribe to the Leadership Programme for a journey that transcends traditional leadership training.


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