NUS Uplift Mentorship Programme 2024 - Mentor Registration

12-15-2023 12:00 PM


National University of Singapore (NUS) offers members of PrimeTime the opportunity to be a part of a mentorship program. As a mentor at NUS Uplift, you have the chance to influence, inspire, and guide lives.


What Qualifies You as a Mentor?


To qualify as a mentor, you must be a working professional passionate about positively impacting lives. You should be willing to share your knowledge and experience with the next generation. While previous mentoring experience is appreciated, it is not required. What matters is your enthusiasm and willingness to assist.


Why Become a Mentor at NUS Uplift?


Make an Impact: As a mentor, you can genuinely make a difference in the lives of NUS students. You guide them in their academic and professional development, helping them grow and thrive.

Personal Growth: Being a mentor offers benefits not only to your mentees but also to you. It is an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, network, and broaden your professional horizons.

Fulfillment: There's no better feeling than witnessing how your guidance positively influences the lives of others. It is a source of deep satisfaction and pride.


How Does It Work?


If you are interested in becoming a mentor at NUS Uplift, submit an application. Applications will be reviewed, and successful mentors are expected to be matched with their mentees by mid-December 2023.


For further questions about the program, please send a mail to and we will redirect you to NUS.


Join in and help shape the future by becoming a mentor at NUS Uplift. Together, we can change lives and inspire!


Venue Name
NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG)
Venue Address
Block S6, 10 Science Drive 2, Level 5
Singapore 117548