Elevated Spaces with Feng Shui

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Lucy Feng Shui

Elevated Spaces with Feng Shui 

We're excited to share the highlights from PrimeTime's recent event where we delved into the transformative realm of Feng Shui. Hosted on our signature 2nd Thursday series, this session was a deep dive into the ancient art of harmonizing living and working spaces for positive energy flow and life enhancement.

The event kicked off with a lively Lo Hei ceremony, setting the stage for an engaging discussion led by Feng Shui expert Lucy Richardson. We gained invaluable insights into optimizing their Chi and creating balanced environments conducive to growth.

Here's a glimpse of what we learned:
- Understanding the balance of elements like fire, water, wood, metal, and earth to align with different life aspirations.
- Activating specific zones in their spaces to attract fame, love, creativity, career growth, wealth, and more.

We explored each compass direction. And also discovered the secrets of the Eight Mansions Formula and how their Kua number could optimize their space for success. Lucy explained us about to face the best direction, embrace the command position, and steer clear of potential obstacles.

Whether it's in our homes or workplaces, we where left equipped with actionable insights to transform their environments into nurturing spaces for growth and well-being.

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