The Rise of AI: Will You Be Left Behind?

Threat or Opportunity? - How AI is shaking up the professional landscape for Women


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the hottest topics and is being debated in relation to all aspects of our lives. Theories on how it might change our world range from optimistic and productive, to dystopian and dangerous, with a plethora of possibilities in between!


One area which will undoubtedly transform as a result of AI, is the workplace and with it the workforce itself. Many articles have been written on this and how AI will potentially impact women more than men, in both negative and positive ways, but do we really know what that means for us and the generations of women who will follow?


Never fear though we have it covered! We have put together a fantastic event with a panel of experts in this area to unpack the ways in which AI might help more than hinder women in the future. They will discuss the potential gender-related impact of AI on career advancement, learning and development, and the growth of women entrepreneurs.


Join us over dinner on 12th October to hear more about how AI and female empowerment intersects and how we can harness AI to take us forward instead of holding us back! It promises to be an enlightening evening and as ever, spaces will be limited so register today to ensure you don't miss out. We look forward to seeing you there and embracing the future together and what it can do for women!


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