Wild Women Do - Christine Amour-Levar

Wild Women Do

Best-selling author Christine Amour-Levar will share life lessons and stories behind her all-female expeditions across the most remote parts of the Earth to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable women.

A philanthropist, adventurer, human rights advocate, and author of the best-selling book Wild Wisdom, Christine wears many hats while remaining staunch in her purpose to help transform the lives of women and girls.

By sharing her personal story and highlighting her life lessons, from growing up on multiple continents to leading teams on expeditions, she sets the stage for a new approach to caring for the human condition and the planet, at a deeper, more intrinsic, heart level. Ultimately, this is a story about roots and values, sisterhood and adventure, pushing limits and the power of our common humanity and compassion to drive change and impact the world for the better.


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