Wrap Up Prime Lunch - From Emotional to Emotionally Intelligent



On Friday 25th October we hosted our last Prime Lunch of 2023, “From Emotional to Emotionally Intelligent: The Art of Starting with SELF” with Communication Coach Dawn Foo. It was a fun and informative event focusing on an interesting and important topic with great tips and techniques that Dawn generously shared with us. 


Don’t worry if you missed out or if you want a refresher on what was covered as we have captured the key takeaways and additional information Dawn provided. You can also learn more about Dawn and what she does by visiting her website. 


Key Takeaways

  • How a healthy self-relationship leads to happier interpersonal relationships.
  • How to engage with emotions to enhance awareness and communication.
  • What is emotional intelligence 
  • Practical ways to support our self-connection and decision confidence.
  • Identifying our triggers and how to manage our responses to them. 
  • How to formulate “I” statements and why they’re important.


One important thing we discussed was how we speak to ourselves and how its important to pay attention to how much of it is fact and how much is opinion. Are we as kind to ourselves as we are to others? How often do we compliment ourselves and how easy is that to do. All very important food for thought and something we should continue to think about. 


Dawn has also been kind enough to share some additional resources on this topic which you may find useful. 


PrimeTime Member Offer

Especially for PrimeTime Members, you can book a complimentary chat with Dawn to explore how you can work together in the “4-letter word Coaching Capsule”. 

This is a coaching programme for executives and entrepreneurs and focuses on how to;

  • Improve self-connection and self-management
  • Manage emotions at work and home
  • Express yourself confidently to amplify your goals


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We Value Your Feedback

Lastly your feedback is important! Please spare a few minutes to answer three simple questions and help us continue to plan and run great Prime Lunch events! 

We hope you had as much fun as we did and learned something new too. We look forward to sharing details of the next Prime Lunch in the new year and seeing you there!  


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